Transport your lifetime possessions in safety and style with our brand new shipping containers, delivering them to your eternal homeland for posterity and beyond

Wanted: All Jewish Americans French and Australians returning HOME - to the Promised Land -

We've got you covered - !

No.1 in customer Service:

Secure Storage Solutions

  • Secure and convenient container storage solutions

  • Store any extra items when moving to Israel

  • 3 months free storage included

  • Sort out your life belongings in the comfort of your own homeland

  • Assistance with selling or donating unwanted items

Not to mention

Comprehensive Removal Services

Removal services for:

  • Returning Jewish Americans French and Australians that have a successful Aliya Application already processed.

  • Hassle-free and secure move

  • Ensures a smooth transition to new home

And let's not forget

Sell Your Items Online

We offer you an opportunity to sell items that have been in storage with us for more than 15 months. This helps you de-clutter your life and earn some extra cash.

white and black horse print textile
white and black horse print textile

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals committed to providing quality container storage and removal services to American Jews moving to Israel. Our mission is to make the process of moving easier and more convenient for you.

Making Your Move a Breeze

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